What is a tax audit?

Read more on what a tax audit is all

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What happens in a tax audit?

The key phases and measures of a tax audit.

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Payment obligations from a tax audit

A tax audit may lead to tax increases or surtax.

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Statistics on tax audits

Interesting facts about tax audits during 2012-2017.

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Get help for a tax audit!

The old medical advice works for taxes too: the sooner you get help, the better. Taxation as a field is its own legal expertise. You should turn to a skilful tax attorney at the very beginning of the process.

Too often, we see situations where help is sought only after a negative decision from the Administrative Court. After this, the only way to appeal against the decision is by getting a right to appeal from the Supreme Administrative Court. These rights are granted very seldom. It is easier and more pleasant to take care of everything as soon as possible. A spiral of appeals is generally a waste of time and money. The chances to succeed are better when matters are dealt with when they are still fresh. This rule applies especially when you need to provide more evidence for the tax authorities.

Entrust an expert immediately

It is a good idea to have a tax attorney join you the first discussion with the tax authorities. It is easier for an external expert to see what is essential and what is not. An experienced tax attorney sees what matters should receive attention and what kinds of clarifications the taxpayer can provide to support their taxation. At a tax audit, matters should be handled professionally and not taken too personally.

The tax authorities are simply doing their job when they go through a company’s accounts and taxation. It is natural that the defects the tax authorities possibly find might make you feel angry. It is not necessarily worth it to interfere with every reassessed tax. Instead, you should focus on the most crucial matters.

It is likely that the resources used for the tax attorney’s expertise will pay themselves back throughout the process compared to the total costs and amount of your labour.